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Our Mission

We are passionately engaged in disseminating education, data, recommended products, and innovative solutions that best cleanup hydrocarbon pollution in our environment resulting in a more sustainable ECO friendly approach.

Our Story

We began our venture into better environment clean up efforts with a product called De-Oil-It, now an exclusive private label of EcoSpersa, that is used for hydrocarbon remediation and general purpose cleanup. The advantage of this product includes out of the package a ready-to-use (or industrial concentrate) non-toxic / non-hazardous liquid that when applied to a hydrocarbon contamination (fuel, oil, grease) degrades down the contamination such that the result is a radically simplified hydrocarbon molecular structure that is non-toxic, safe to the environment. The benefit of this degrading process is it enables natural occurring bacteria to complete the break down process (“degrading”) resulting in a safer and sustainable eco system.

Our non-profit alliance GEA educates and disseminates proven methods, products, and data that achieve better environmental conservation, protection and sustainability .


We are leading the way to improve large scale oil and fuel spill remediation efforts that have proven to now take on average 2-3 weeks versus a typical 3 months land clean-up. New and current efforts are tackling the separation of oil from water; both land and water projects are being monitored by the EPA with the result of an in-progress submission of ecoSpersa for the National Contingency Plan (NCP) which guides first responders and EPA to select appropriate products for reportable oil and fuel remediation. Our efforts have led to scaling large scale remediation to cleaning to smaller applications such as cleaning your boat deck and bilge, or cleaning fuel run off at boat fueling stations. These efforts to provide a retail outlet for smaller cleanup processes have been advanced through one of our first sponsors the Tampa Bay Yacht Masters group under their Environmental Protection Program; they provide environmentally safe boat maintenance products and are under contract to sell De-Oil-It the exclusive private label of ecoSpersa; De-Oil-It degrades hydrocarbon substances (oil, fuel, and more) by breaking down complex hydrocarbon chains to simpler and non-toxic smaller molecular structures that natural occurring bacteria can complete the break down process – safer for our environment and extremely efficient. We have had one grant that has proven this degrading process (i.e. breaking down large complex hydrocarbon chains to simpler non-toxic molecular structures)

Some of the products that are dedicated to environmentally safe boat maintenance include

FUEL MEDIC that treats fuel systems to provide optimal performance thereby improving fuel usage,
reducing maintenance costs, and creating less hydrocarbon pollution

INOX is a product line with a wide range of lubricants that is resourceful for boat maintenance because they are in food grade in some applications, are applied to reduce algae, barnacles, and other annoying bow thruster clogging these small props. Inox also provides battery conditioners that has been highlighted in the Ship Shape show series by John Greviskis

DE-OIL-IT is the product line we frequently refer to as the initial star of the show. This is the product you want for safe environmental cleaning of your boat bilge, dock surfaces, and marina fuel system platforms.

As environmental regulations tighten down on products and methods cleaning or containing fuel and oil leaks
from our recreational and commercial boats, it makes sense to take our lead advocating products plus
innovative ways for better, environmentally safer cleaning.

Perhaps you to have had authorities hold you responsible for natural oil and fuel run off from your boat bilge, or have had the unfortunate experience with your boat sinking at the marina. We are hearing more and more stories of boat owners receiving tickets. Don’t get caught, be proactive and carry lines of products we have shown to cure your problems.

If you are interested in learning what we offer information regarding how you can take control of your personal space managing your boat maintenance without the hassle of regulations getting to the point requiring flotillas and booms around your boat, then get on board, donate to our cause today and learn how to be better prepared
and more proactive