Projects and Reports


The Tampa Bay Yacht Master’s ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION PROGRAM was the initial project launched to improve hydrocarbon oil and fuel spill cleanup in an environmentally safe manner (non-toxic) and protective of the surrounding ecosystem to maintain a sustainable state. Teaming up with Refine Energy Services, large scale EPA reportable remediation efforts have been optimized to reduce the revitalization time from typically 3 months down to 2-3 weeks. We will be providing full reports on these efforts as they come to a close.

Please contribute to our cause through a tax deductible charitable donation; donors receive full reports 6-12 months ahead of the general public.



The 50,000-Foot View

Our donors help define our projects, goals, and report requirements which are then used to generate new education/lecture series and publications.

The 10,000-Foot View

Our starting point is hydrocarbon contaminant cleanup that is safe for the environment during recovery and beyond. We are currently pursuing the final data acquisition of several large-scale remediation efforts, monitored by the EPA, confirming best practice approaches developed by our initial contributors.

The 1,000-Foot View

Future projects will be defined by Sponsor or Project Management level donors in a wide variety of topics important to ecosystem sustainability, conservation, and preservation of water, air, and land.

The 100-Foot View

As projects become defined, budgeted, funded, and engaged this page will provide information on what we are working on, goals and benefits to help encourage interactions for refinement, and what end results are most relevant to our donors of all types.

The Ground Level

We invite you to participate in our direction and project selection. Become a member as a sponsor or project management participant. See our donation page for more details on how you can contribute. Donors receive our reports before the general public.




As we further develop content for education, and complete projects, this page will provide your source for what is available, what format (online live, podcasts, YouTube, etc.), and when.  

Reports will be summarized for the general public, our donors receive full report formats before public dissemination (usually 6 months to a year later). 

Donors will have login credentials to download the items they choose.