Environmental Protection Program

Red Tide

Red Tide abatement is stopping an algae bloom as it is progressing. De-Oil-It can also detoxify all associated toxins of algae, the most serious being “Brevetoxin”, since it is this toxin that kills fish and causes health issues to humans.

Safe Water

 Water runoff into drains from streets and parking lots results in 90% of the problem relating to oil sheens, foam from hydrocarbons, and also the introduction of nutrients (nitrates and phosphates) which are primarily introduced into our waterways from our lawns and agriculture sites. 

Hydrocarbon Detoxification

Hydrocarbon detoxification is the prevention of hydrocarbons, nitrates, and phosphates being rendered non-detectible or at least negligent levels that are no longer a biohazard to the environment. 


The GreenWorld Environmental Alliance "GEA" is your source for learning and actively contributing to protecting, conserving, and sustaining our environment.  GEA Solutions - 501 (c) (3) non-Profit

Thank you for your interest in the GEA – GreenWorld Environmental Alliance.

We are focused on working with individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, and governments to better understand how we can actively participate in the educational process (methods, effectiveness, strategy, and hard data on past performance) and make use of innovative solutions for environmental cleanup and sustainability.

We started out as the Environmental Protection Program created under the Tampa Bay Yacht Masters efforts to provide the best maintenance products for boat/yacht and commercial vessels. The need was for boat maintenance products that were safe for the environment both during the clean-up application and for the water run-off from decks and out of the bilges. These efforts led to much larger projects for oil and fuel remediation. The interest in the Environmental Protection Program led to the development of the Greenworld Environmental Alliance (GEA), which is a collection of industry experts in chemistry, remediation, and environmental protection acting together for a common cause to improve, and further test for optimized performance. 

GEA performs extensive studies, laboratory testing, and collects data to show how the products and methods work. We then improve deployment by determining optimal application concentrations and document all the findings which allow donors to save money in application processes and in the cost of products/services. 

GEA provides expert evaluation, advice, and methodology documentation with test results which will form a valuable asset to research and development when time, resources to explore innovative practices, and expertise is limited. Join us in our efforts to provide a cleaner and safer environment.


09-21-2020 DE-OIL-IT is on the EPA managed NCP list as a Surface Washing Agent #SW-73

07-22-1011 Greenworld Envorpnmental Alliance, a 501.c.3 component of Greenworld Innovations, blenders and distributors of De-Oil-It has received a grant sponsored by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to partner with Mote Marine Laboratories in Sarasota, Florida, to scale Red Tide Mitigation for open water eradication of red tide and the detoxification of k.brevis. This toxin is harmful to aquatic wildlife, fish, and humans. De-Oil-it has proven to produce NON-DETECTION of k.brevis after treatment and to eliminate the red tide algae. Grant ID 9423

7-29-2022 Greenworld Innovations, blender and distributor of De-Oil-It has received a 10-year product umbrella permit that accompanies a purchase and use of De-oil-It for hydrocarbon remediation innovation technology ID 1646. Remediation of De-Oil-It is now safely allowed in situ in groundwater remediation (such as aquifers, wells, etc.) or water run-off from cleaning, entering parking lots, and street drains; usage of De-Oil-It in these situations do not require an acceptance letter from the FDEP (Florida Department of Environmental Protection)  or refer to the FDEP Innovative Technology Application number 1646.

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