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Our Educational Series is meant to help illustrate, define and provide you a starting point for your active participation saving and improving the environment

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Methods to Clean, Preserve, and Sustain the ECO system

See what first responders, major remediation efforts have done to clean, preserve, and sustain the ECO system. We are cataloging what works and what doesn’t work

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Introducing the Greenworld Environmental Alliance

Thank you for your interest in the GEA – GreenWorld Environmental Alliance.

We are focused on working with individuals, groups / organizations, businesses, and governments to better understand how we can all actively participate in the educational process (methods, effectiveness, strategy, and hard data on past performance) and methods for innovative solutions for environmental cleanup and sustainability.

We started out as the Environmental Protection Program created under the Tampa Bay Yacht Masters efforts to provide the best maintenance products for boat / yacht and commercial vessel. The requirement was boat maintenance products and the methods to apply had to be safe to the environment both during the clean-up application and also for the water run-off off decks and out of the bilges. These efforts led to much largerprojects for oil and fuel remediation. The interest in the Environmental Protection Program led to the development of the Greenworld Environmental Alliance whichis a collection of industrial experts in chemistry, remediation and environmental protection acting together in a common cause to improve, further test for optimized performance. The reason recreational / commercial boat owners, dock masters,vendors of cleaning / lubrication / fuel system companies (and more) are interested in our efforts is we perform extended studies, lab testing,and projects to collect data to show how the products and methods work, then improve deployment by determining optimal application concentrations, how to, and document all of this for our donors.Donors receive ahead of the general public best practices that saves money in application processes and the cost ofproducts / services. In one of our best examples large scale oil spill remediation now takes 2-3 weeks versus a typical 3 months, and the EPA is monitoring these efforts to place product and how-to on the National Contingency Plan (NCP) list. In a nut-shell you, your organization and others gain expert evaluation, advice, “how to” documentation with test results; therefore we are a valuable asset acting like your research and development (R&D) arm when you might not have the time, resources to approach innovative practices, or you might not have the expertise. We have the expertise. Join us in our efforts to provide a better environment for all of us.

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